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A Bushel of Brooks
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Silly Seuss Moment!

Today, all over the country, children could go various places and hear Dr. Seuss stories read to them. We have never actually made it to one of these times in past years ... but Eli is at school this weekend, and I had something that needed to be returned to Target. So, I decided that I would overlap the return with the 9-11am reading time they were having!

So glad that I did!

Little did I know that there would be a goody bag, complete with fruit snacks and a juice box to sip on while listening to The Lorax, Go Dogs Go, and Green Eggs and Ham! Both boys were completely excited - and they love all three of those books, so they sat for a good 20 minutes, enraptured with the tales, and joining several other kiddos and parents for a good "book moment". Never mind that it was in the middle of a Target store.

I knew that once upon a time, Eli used to help run and read at these events ... but had missed some of the fun details. And when Daddy is away on a long weekend, and my little Reubs is fighting some serious allergy junk, this was just the little out-of-the-ordinary excursion that we needed to bring some extra cheer to our day.

And, whether or not we end up seeing the film version of the The Lorax, we are going to enjoy our treats, and some silly moustaches too!

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