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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My sister sent me an email with a link to some pretty amazing brownies that were brought to her work the other day (and now I have another food blog to check on for recipes!). We had talked on the phone a couple days before, and she assured me they were awesome! I requested that she find me the recipe, and of course, she followed through!

So, I obviously cannot claim any originality in this recipe. I followed it as directed, making my top and bottom layers from scratch, and thoroughly enjoying both the baking process, and the end result! They seem to be floating around on food blogs, so you may have already heard of them, or tried a similar variation.

I really, cannot, because I am who I am, call them by their given name. Therefore, I have dubbed them to be "Stupendous Brownies". Jonah helped me make them when Eli was at school last weekend, so that we could have a special treat waiting for Daddy once he got back home.

I was impressed that the brownie layer stayed SUPER moist, with that hint of doughy-ness that I really like. Honestly, I love brownie dough, cookie dough. I mean, truly, licking the bowl once the creations are in the oven is nearly better to me than enjoying a treat once it is baked through (and I have passed that trait on to Jonah)! I like to bake to enjoy the process, a small tasting, and then enjoy even more giving some away afterwards than eating it myself! = )

This is not intended to become a food blog. But, honestly, into how much of my life does food come into play? A LOT. Feeding the boys, planning meals, shopping for the meals, figuring out how to get more healthful food into the four stomachs in this house, growing strong bodies ... don't we all! And, amidst that, bake a delicious treat or two! So, I couldn't help but share this one ...

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