A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

8 Years and Counting ...

Just a moment to reflect on today: Eli's and mine eight year anniversary.

In many ways - we feel like we have been together much longer. Partners, lovers, co-laborers, parents, two people who fit together, complement each other, and in general completely enjoy being yoked together and trekking through all of life's moments hand in hand!

And yet, I can still remember wedding planning, our wedding day, our honeymoon as if it was just yesterday! 8 years have been filled with many memories - and I enjoyed musing about them the past few days as I knew today was coming.

Eli and I are VERY different, but he keeps me laughing, knows when to try and lighten his wife up, who sometimes tends to take life too seriously. = ) I balance his spontaneous side by trying to plan in advance so that we aren't caught too off guard by all the plans that fill our life.

It's funny to see the boys growing and see different characteristics of each other coming out in them - or perhaps, terrifying!

Either way, I wouldn't have picked anyone else, and I am SO GRATEFUL that Eli chose me, and that God brought us together at just the right time in our lives. Together, we have gone through both wonderful and challenging times, and I know that there are many of both still lying before us! And I wouldn't want anyone to walk through it with me besides him.

I love you, Eli Brooks!

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