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A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Finally! Naptime Success!

Jonah is getting to the point where there are more days that naps DON'T happen, than days in which naps DO happen. This is a serious bummer for me. Sure, I do love time with the boys, but I also love my "me time", the time when their eyes close and breathing slows ... and all is quiet in the house.


But, the four year old is attempting to threaten that peace and quiet I treasure. We have worked to train him that whether or not he naps isn't really the question here: he still will spend a "quiet time" in his room. Time for him to unwind (and work on the skill of playing ALONE), and Mommy to "do her work". = ) So, in his room he is put. Sometimes without a fuss, sometimes with a big attempt to bargain with me - but this isn't something that is optional around here.

It seems that we were about half and half with naps and quiet times. But this week, this week, Monday-Thursday, there were NO NAPS. And he was starting to get cranky, whiny, and tired. But he has learned the trick (the deadly one we adults all employ) of pushing through that tired moment. So we can get to the next wind, so to speak. Now, I might sometimes use caffeine as a little assistant - I think he just exercises sheer willpower!

Back to his room, over and over he went: because the more tired he got as the week went on, the more times he attempted to cut it short - I am assuming because he knew he was tired, and he wanted the distraction of interacting with me to stay awake!

But, today, ahhhhhhh, today. I put him on my bed (less toys around), with his animals, some blankets, and one book. Ten minutes later ... I peeked and found this:

So sweet - so innocent looking!

And what will I do with my own personal quiet time? Hmmmm, I've been doing some studying, some laundry, some cooking ... but believe me when I say I am enjoying every second of it.

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