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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday. I'm pretty sure for him, the day may run like most other Tuesday work days tend to be: taking care of office business; staff meeting at the church; catching up on phone calls; appointments; etc. But, it's still his birthday! And birthdays always cause me to reminesce a little ... (not that I need an excuse to get sappy, but might as well take one when I get it!)

My dad is like a rock. Seriously. He is steady, he is always there for me/us, he has been a constant, loving presence all my life. Raising five kids might drive some people batty - but I never remember my dad pushing us away. Instead, we were welcomed to sit in his lap, he rubbed my back and sang me songs (one particular one I still sing to my boys every night) every night for bed, played tackle/tickle with us on the floor of the living room, taught us how to play sports, taught us how to use money wisely (I still remember the occasional calculator coming along the grocery shopping trips!), and on and on and on!

And still ... I probably call my dad too much! I am amazed at how he listens when his three daughters call him at different times when we're going through emotional stuff. He just lets us cry, counsels us through, and prays with us. If I haven't talked to him in a few days, he usually calls me - just to check in! He has helped Eli and I on countless house projects, car repairs ... and more. And the same for all my siblings.

I am so proud to call him MY DAD. And even prouder for him to be the boys' OPA. To be a part of his heritage. As I watch him pastor the church and interact with others, he challenges me to become a better person, to want to change to be more like the Lord, to desire more patience in my life. After Eli - my dad is one guy who I respect with all my heart.

I wish I could tell all the stories that are flooding my mind and heart as I think of him this morning. I am thankful that I still have time to spend with him and that he is healthy and able to still be active dad and Opa.

So, I did what any loving daughter would do ... I made him a pie = ) For his birthday, all my siblings had gone over to my parents' house on Sunday and did various house projects/fixer uppers for them. But, on Tuesday staff meetings at the church, they always celebrate staff birthday with a special dessert. So, I asked Dad what he wanted, so I could make something and sent it with Eli. Reply? Coconut Cream Pie.

Done. Mine may not rival these favorites of our family down in the boonies of Arkansas that we get every Thanksgiving ... but mine was made with a lot more love!



  1. I could not agree more! I am so thankful to have him as my father-in-law! His love for God and his family shines through every day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!


  2. Happy Birthday to your dad! :)