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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Noosa Yoghurt

I'm not necessarily in the habit of giving product reviews: in fact, I've never done one on this blog before ... until today. Until I enjoyed - almost devoured - probably what I would call the most DELICIOUS YOGURT EVER. And you might think that I'm slightly exaggerating. Hmmmm, I can't believe that I am. It.was.that.good.

Eli gave me a Mango Noosa Yoghurt "in" my Easter basket (or, rather, in the fridge, but technically suppose to be part of said basket). Neither of us had ever seen it before. I think he stumbled upon while searching for other basket fillers at Hy-Vee.

Oh my.

I can't even describe it to you! So good. It was thick, but kinda fluffy, creamy, sweet, and just really darn good. I called him as soon as I finished it to compliment him on his choice. It isn't fat free (it has Cream listed as an ingredient), but still had 18g of protein for the 8 oz container, which is pretty good. And hey, I'll put up with a little fat for that good of a taste!

I looked up their website, but there's not really any type of information on it, other than I can gather they sell it at Whole Foods (Hy-Vee as well), and are working to get their product out. It's from Colorado. They have a few other flavors as well.

All I can say (to the four people I know that actually read this blog = )) is that you.should.try.it. PLEASE.


  1. I know you aren't a big fan of fat, but the right fats really are good for you! I saw this yogurt the other day and it looks really good. If I didn't have a HUGE container of homemade yogurt in my fridge already I would go out and get some right now! You made it sound that delicious!

  2. I know! The right fats ARE good, and our bodies need them. I surely don't actually rule it out of what I eat - just attempt to be slightly discretionary with it (besides - you know how I am with sweets and desserts!). But, you really really should give it a try at least once when the homemade is running low. Maybe it will inspire some new homemade yogurt creations in your house!

  3. You know I'm going to try it!! It can be a special treat...can't wait. Nice work, Eli :)

  4. I think I need to go to Hy-vee very soon...