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A Bushel of Brooks
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

This Is Who I Am ...

Or, at least, one side of me!

On the side,
I teach aerobics at the all women's gym near my house.
I joined as a member when I was pregnant with Jonah,
and trained to become an instructor about a year and a half ago!
I have NEVER looked back!
I love fitness.

I love seeing what my body is capable of.
It is amazing how God created our bodies and muscles and what they can accomplish!
I enjoy being in good health,
having the energy to be rambunctious with my boys,
the muscle to help Eli do things around the house.

Today was a "launch" day at the gym.
One of the programs I teach is called BodyStep.
We trained through an international company
and provide a pre-choreographed step aerobics workout.
Each quarter,
the gym does a big hullabaloo with all the classes:
Making a fun atmosphere and the opportunity for non-members to try classes.
We showcase the new music and moves that we'll be incoporating through
all the classes.

We teach as a team on launch days - so Sherri and Alison and I rocked it out!
We had a great time - SUPER SWEATY by the end.
The ladies were great!

I hope to share more about my fitness love a bit on the blog every now and then!

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