A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May Reflections

I cannot say exactly how May went by ... but goodbye it went! With packing/moving/unpacking and settling into a temporary home, it seemed like most days were full and we ended them exhausted. I tried to remind myself it was/is only a stage! = ) We have settled in, and are thankfully completely done with the old house, because we spent a lot of time cleaning it and cleaning it completely out. Perhaps if we have moved into a house with garage in which we could have unloaded all the "where does this stuff go?", we wouldn't have spent so many extra trips over the last week of May emptying the old house. But it had tools, paint, misc items that didn't have a home! No garage here to store boxes with time to go through - so it was a bit of a project, especially for Eli. But, done done DONE!

The boys seem to have adjusted to life at Opa and Oma's house, although I hear little footsteps head up the stairs early in the morning to find Opa and Oma and get snuggles and shows before they even look for where Mom and Dad are!

I am most definitely looking forward to June. The boys have swim lessons the last two weeks of the month, and although work is still popping up in our schedule once or twice a day, we can enjoy playdates a bit more often and try and spend some time playing and relaxing (and maybe even Mommy getting a few naps in!).

My morning sickness hasn't gone away yet, although I am at 17 weeks along. That means that evenings are still often a challenge in terms of feeling good, and I usually head to bed shortly after the boys go to bed. But, at some point it has to go away, right? That's what I keep holding on to! The boys are often asked if they want a brother or a sister, and it's funny to hear how their minds change on a regular basis.

Hoping to get back into the swing of writing down the Brooks' family memories now that things have "slowed" down a bit as we head into June from the craziness of May.

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