A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Temporary Home

We made it to my parents' house. In one piece. And OH MY GOODNESS ... moving isn't for the faint of heart! I am amazed that there are still remnants of the Brooks family at the old house that we're carting out to the trash or the storage unit and how much stuff we have! And I don't even want to be a person with a lot of stuff! Yikes. Hopefully when we move into our next home at the end of the summer, the more permanent one, we can continue to clear out un-needed stuff as we un-pack again. I'm pretty tired, but happy that most stuff is taken care of. We have lots of cleaning to finish up at the old house this week because I want the new owners to walk in and "see" how clean we left it for them! I want them to know we left it the very best that we could. I want them to love that little home as much as we did = )

Everyone is adjusting - in their own ways. Boys are still waking up a bit too early in the mornings, so they're worn out by the end of the day. Working on learning when and when they cannot run up the stairs to visit Opa and Oma. Jonah misses the old house and his routine ... he is a creature of habit just like his Mommy! But, I think considering the upheaval for three boys who lived in one place their entire little lives, everyone is doing pretty well.

My sister came over this morning to give us a break from entertaining ourselves. The weather is heating back up, so we took the kids outside in the backyard with the sprinkler to just run off energy and enjoy the sunshine!

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