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A Bushel of Brooks
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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Bicycle Riding

He feels like a pro!
 In the last two-three weeks, Jonah's bicycle riding has improved so much! He went from only riding on two wheels on a basketball court (about twice!), to riding up and down Opa and Oma's street. He asks almost daily to get out and ride his bike. And, I'm so glad we're on a street right now that he can! I still need to be outside to keep an eye on him, but he loves it. Reuben breaks out his scooter - and sometimes his bike - and goes up and down that street with him.

Gosh, I love this kid!
We've had lots of wrecks already, but thankfully I see Jonah getting right back up and getting back on his bike. He is not always the toughest of kids, which is fine, but even if he had a fall the day before, he is ready to ride again.

Our new house is one a good street too. Still will probably have quite a bit of traffic to keep an eye on, but not so much that we can't ride our bikes. And there is a sidewalk. It will just be traffic from the houses and residents, which is soooooo much better than the busy street from the first house!

A couple days ago, we pulled out my bike, and Eli rode around with Matthias in the front seat. He LOVED.IT. Up and down the street they went too. I remember when we first got that seat with Jonah was little, and Eli took him on rides, and I would take him on rides before church on Sunday mornings. Sweet memories of little boys snuggled in front of you with the biggest grins on their faces!

Passing by Mommy!
And then, little Jonah! Five years ago getting rides with Daddy

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