A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rainbow Snow Day

It snowed some last night, and now is still snowing some here during the day ... which means although we made it to church this morning, we're hanging out at home the rest of the day most likely. Staying warm in cold temps and maybe cleaning a bit around the house (aren't we always???).

So we decided to let Jonah give Reuben his birthday present early. Reuben had been learning a couple basic things to do on Jonah's Rainbow Loom - because what little brother doesn't want to be doing what his big brother is doing all the time? Jonah had already decided to get Reuben one for his birthday, so we picked it up for him yesterday since Reuben's birthday is in two days!

And once we realized that we would be indoors A LOT today and possibly tomorrow, we let Jonah give it to Reuben after church.

And away he went = )

He has been so thrilled, and he has already been "looming" away and having Mommy help him figure out a bracelet. I'm glad to have them working on these kinds of things together! Now, I just have to deal with Matthias trying to get up on the table wanting to make one himself!

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