A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Great Outdoors

We have been blessed with days of beautiful weather. We've been taking advantage of every second that we can ... walks, a couple times at the park, a walk on the levee, and LOTS of time in the backyard. The boys are sooooo happy when they can be outside! Matthias would spend nearly the entire day out there, I'm pretty sure, and Jonah would be much happier if Mom would just let him use the bathroom outside = ) Not with a fairly busy street AND a regular 'ole fence - not a privacy one! Camping? Yes. Backyard? Not so much.

The weather was a huge blessing for our open house Sunday. We had a pretty good turnout, which was very encouraging to Eli and I, as we (translation: ME) had been feeling quite a bit discouraged last week about the entire house selling situation. I know know KNOW the Lord is at work ... I just wish I could figure out what this work is all about! But, we got to take the boys on that walk on the levee during the open house, which was fun. Right out Grandma's back fence!

And while keeping the house clean is always a constant project here, letting everyone run around outside a lot has helped: less bins of toys have been emptied in the past five days because everyone has been playing on the swing set. The boys' room has stayed picked up, and my job has been more sweeping up the twigs that accompany little feet through the back door. That is a breath of fresh air for me.

Looking ahead at a busy week with added meetings in most afternoons seems a bit daunting, but seems much easier knowing that I'm not facing freezing temperatures at the same time, which means facing cabin fever-ed boys. They are ready to take their binoculars outside, tell me all the birds they are seeing, helping me clean out flower beds, kick soccer balls to each other, and get sweaty.

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