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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Toilet Water

Sometimes there are just stories that plant themselves in front of you, just to make you chuckle, laugh, and embrace the lighter side of life and parenting.

This morning I went in to pick up the boys from the daycare at the gym after finishing training a client. Matthias ran up as usual right to me, and as I picked him up, one of the teachers said, "I have story to tell you about Matthias today."

"I went in to the bathroom to change another baby's diaper, and Matthias followed me in there, and he was just chattering to me. And suddenly I looked over and he was sticking his face in the toilet to take a drink!"

Oh, she was soooooo mortified! And I just laughed and laughed.

"We washed his face and mouth as best as we could! We really hope he doesn't get sick or anything!"

And Matthias looks at me seriously, wags his finger in my face, "No Water."

Thankfully, I have never NEVER had to witness this happening at home, and although I have no idea what on earth got in to him, I'm hoping this isn't a repeat problem. They have one of those little tiny toilets in the bathroom, and apparently he was thirsty! = ) When I told Eli later, he just laughed too and commented that it was better it was a small one - if it was regular size, he probably would have toppled in! I reassured them I was not worried at all, and that I was sorry they had to deal with an almost two year old thinking the toilet was for drinking.

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  1. Diana (Jordan) Wiard says that the movie "Moms Night Out" opens on Mother's Day weekend and that it has some hilarious potty scenes. She got to preview the movie with her church's MOPS team recently and reported that she hadn't laughed that much at a movie in years!