A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Take A Breath ...

We have had a fantastic last week ... but B.U.S.Y.!!! Vacation Bible School was Tuesday thru Friday evening at church. Eli had put in lots of planning and prep time for it this year - Kingdom Rock was the theme - and we had a huge castle wall on the stage at church, lots of decorations, and lots of buildup for those kiddos! My boys had a fabulous time each night, and Jonah actually woke up this morning, and the first words out of his mouth were "I wish that VBS wasn't over already". = ) It's great to end on that note. Although, I can say that I think the volunteers and the adults involved were ready to end it! My boys are usually in bed by 8:30 each night, and I don't think they made it into bed before 9:30 or 10 each night by the time they got home, had a snack, and I could try and wind them down.

It was also launch weekend at the gym, so my week leading up to Friday morning was some extra practices with other instructors as well as working on choreography on my own at home (I have been for weeks now). That was in my brain ... adding in that we have decided to drop the price on our home some AND had a open house on Saturday. So, although we work to keep it clean, we knew there were some rooms that needed some extra attention. So, I was trying to add in deep cleaning to my to-do list.

Oh, and my sweet little 2 1/2 year old niece was going to be staying the afternoon/night Friday with us and Saturday morning while her parents went to KC for their anniversary! Whew!

Everything went smoothly, though. We somehow all got enough sleep each night for the next day. A couple days even the big boys took naps. All my gym stuff made into my brain and stayed there and I had loads of fun launching new classes on Saturday and Sunday,

The people that came through the house yesterday all made comments to our realtor on how clean our house was!  Score! And Eli really deserves a huge pat on the back for that one. I did the best I could to clean the bathroom and stuff like that on Friday, but Saturday morning, I took the four kids and left. He stayed home and cleaned for two straight hours and then joined us at his parents' house for the afternoon. We then got to enjoy some crazy cool weather yesterday: fire pit in July???? It worked! Oma and Opa came over in the evening to sit outside in the backyard and visit for awhile.

No complaints. I started my week working to keep my focus on the good the Lord has given us. Purposing to enjoy all the busy-ness ahead because it is ALL GOOD things! And really, I went to bed last night full of thankfulness and joy, not weary and worn down.

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