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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Splash Pool

I don't trust myself to take all three boys to a pool alone: unless it be the South Park wading pool, in which I trust that none of the three will drown, as I can keep a tight hand on Matthias, and the other boys are pretty safe and just run and splash around. They are game to go, but of course, they would rather swim in a "real" pool. My younger sister used to be my trusty "go along" with me, until she had her own baby, and now Mataya is 10 months old, and at that dangerous age of needing constant attention as well! So, we haven't made it out to those "real" pools much. Swim lessons were great, because the boys got to swim, and those times had to be structured into our day = ) But, now ... we've made it to my Uncle's pool twice: once with a large group of family members, and today for awhile, with my mom! We haven't made it to the downtown public pool at all, though it gets frequently requested. Working on that one ... mostly working on convincing Eli to come with us some evening or weekend, when he would much rather do ANYTHING something else than be in the sunshine!

So, many afternoons, we play in the backyard in the splash pool. We got it on clearance last year at Wal-mart for $10, and considering we have already probably played in it at least 15 times in the month of June, I would say it was a good investment for us! Jonah and Reuben often play in it by themselves during Matthias' afternoon nap, and I will take paperwork for the gym, or reading outside for about 30 min and soak up some sunshine. It works! And when Matthias gets to get in: he goes bananas, soaks us all, and makes us and himself laugh and laugh.

Jonah begged me to take a picture of this flying man pose!

Fearless! This kid just puts his face right in!

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