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A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, July 19, 2013

Special Day

It doesn't happen very often that the big boys get taken for a special outing ... but today was one of those days. My sister lives in the KC area, and almost two years ago, we had taken the boys to Build-A-Bear at the Oak Park Mall to get new bears. Trust me, they have NEVER forgotten that store! I have heard many queries of: "Mommy, when do we get to go to the bear store with Aunt Hannah again?"

I knew that we would take them again sometime, but we were waiting a bit. This spring, I told them that she and I would take them again this summer sometime, before school started up again. So, this morning after I taught my morning class at the gym, we dropped Matthias off at Grandma's house, and headed to KC.

In line at Build-A-Bear
 We had lots of fun! The boys did fabulous during the drive times (which, I was worried about how many of the "are we there yet?s I would get), and had fun at the mall. I had forgotten about the new LEGO store I had heard about there, but we walked through it for a short time, and they didn't even ask us to buy anything there.
We love our Aunt Hannah!

Headed to Build-A-Bear, and spent time picking out animals, outfits, and names. They got to ride the Carousel in the middle of the mall, and get a cookie and visit while we drank coffees before heading back on the road.

Stuffed animals have been spread out all over the living room since we've returned to the house, so that everyone can "get to know" the new animals in town = ) Not necessarily a cheap trip, but it was one that worth the time and the money to have such a fun time and make that memory together with her! Bears are snuggled in with their new owners as I type, everyone drifting off to sleep.

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