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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Somehow when the temperature is still often hovering at 70 degrees, I have trouble getting into all things Christmas. Which is strange for me! Usually I am all about Christmas ... and I still am! It just doesn't feel like it could be December 4th already. I have had the back door open nearly every afternoon while the boys run in and out, playing on the swing set and enjoying being active little boys. Not complaining in the least! Just musing. I don't want Christmas to come and go - and realize that I missed it. You know?

I know that cold weather will come in due time. And probably when I am scraping the ice and/or snow off the windshield, I will not feel so happy about cold weather. But, somehow, bundling up to run shopping errands, and craving warm coffee or hot chocolate in the evenings seems to be Christmas-y to me. I live in Kansas, after all. The tree is up, and I'm thinking I should start wrapping presents sooner than later, thanks to big families, advent calendars are in full swing, and Christmas music is playing in the house and in the vehicles! But, December 4th? Really?

The boys and I got on the front porch today to wrap some lights around the poles. Eli has always been so good about getting lights up on the front of the house - and loves to do it. But, deep in the mires of writing his thesis, putting up lights has to be put on the back burner. The boys and I had been planning to get a few up as a surprise. Our efforts are seriously pathetic compared to what he normally does, but at least it will look somewhat festive! I had about twenty minutes of a happy baby to work with, so we just quicky wrapped around two strands, but hopefully tonight when dusk falls, it will still look fun!

And I am enjoying the bits of Christmas we are getting around here. Maybe I am still just not used to being little ... I looked forward to Christmas so much that I made myself sick. Literally. = ) Perhaps I should just enjoy that there is no sickness involved, and watch the boys point out lights and cherish the singing of Silent Night and O Holy Night as they are tucked in each night. Laugh as they seek their advent treasures each day, and discuss with them the true meaning of Christmas. Not perhaps ... I will! In three short weeks, the big anticipatory day will be over. I don't want to look back and wish these next three weeks back.

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