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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Cookies!

What would Christmastime be without the classic cutout sugar cookies? In this household - that would be just plain wrong. The boys love decorating cookies (I can already think of numerous posts on this: think Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc), and so these cookies get infused into many of our celebrations throughout the year!

With Eli working at the church, I don't make tons of goodies to give out. When he worked retail management, I was always baking and sending things along with him for the teams. But, other ladies at the church tend to send trays of stuff to the office this time of year, and the staff is obviously much smaller than Target or Kohls! So, in the last two years, my Christmas baking has seriously pared down. Which is fine. My house has also increased in general business and household work = ) But, we still do some baking and have some to give out to preschool teachers, friends - and for some reason we always leave a little goody bag in our mailbox for our mail carrier! We love him - he's been delivering to our house a long time, and so we like to surprise him too!

So, Tuesday was the day to mix up the dough so that today we could roll out, bake, and decorate. Jonah was delighted to be my helper while Reuben was at preschool. He LOVES to bake with me, but doesn't like to argue over who gets the spot right in front of the mixer! We donned our aprons, and got down to discussing quarter cups and measuring things. Kindergarten math lesson booster right there.

Fun times! My oldest is growing up so much right now it is hard to believe he will be six years old in the spring.

I also made a new recipe later that day - Eli dubbed them "Elf Hats". A meringue cookie that I now adore! They look super festive and cute - but easy and a "lighter" cookie, which is nice to have around. I will share the recipe and pictures in a later post!

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