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A Bushel of Brooks
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Done Done DONE!

 It is done! Eli turned in his thesis yesterday, and we - yes, I mean "we" collectively, as in the entire family in this house - are DONE! Three and a half years of dedication by my husband to get his Master's degree and pursue the desire in his heart. So, so proud of him. Which is a gross understatement.

He has put so many hours, late hours especially, into his schoolwork over the last three years, and done excellent. We don't know his grades for this final semester, but at this point, he is graduating with honors (keep your fingers crossed!).  My heart is just bursting for him.

The boys are getting Daddy back for lots of Lego play this Christmas break, and I can't wait for some nights when we actually can go to bed at the same time! Or watch a movie together after all the boys are in bed ... ahhh, lots to look forward to.

I am so proud to see Eli accomplish this ... he laughs when he said how he was sure he would never go back to school! But, he has loved his studies throughout seminary, and with a lot of Grace from the Lord, commuted each week to class several hours.

Got a family picture before people started coming over! Yay Daddy!
We had a little reception for him at his parents' house today - just to celebrate and have friends and family celebrate with us. It was great. Yesterday, I kept telling Jonah that it was Daddy's LAST DAY of school down in the office. He would respond with "but, tomorrow, tomorrow, he will have to work on school again, Mommy". I can't wait to see as he figures out that isn't true, and that we'll have evenings together again to do fun things, to go see Christmas lights, to read books and play games and all those good things.

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