A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Matthias pretty much is the cutest baby around ... not biased, of course! He is all smiles and giggles when he is awake, loves talk baby talk to whoever he sees, and just keeps us falling more in love with him! He is starting to reach for toys, loving his little rings to chew on, falls asleep best with his pacifier in mouth and his hands around his blanky. He doesn't really like to lay on his stomach, so we're working on that! He went shopping with the boys and I at Target this evening, and rode in the Bjorn, holding onto the cart handles with me. Wish I had a picture of it!

He may not be the most amazing sleeper at night yet ... but he is still getting better, and Eli is amazing at helping during fussy times! The boys still fight over who gets to "talk" to Matthias and hold him. Reuben told me the other day he wished I would have another baby so he could have Matthias be his = ) That's the love they have for him, and it is such a blessing to see ( someone remind me of this in a few years when they are all beating up on each other and competing for attention and toys!).

 How could you resist this cuteness?

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