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A Bushel of Brooks
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Busy Week!

All my great intentions of writing on the blog obviously didn't come to fruition this week. Ha! Why? Well, my week was full of wonderful things, but the big reason that blogging (and other activities) went by the wayside was this:


Home schooling Jonah began this past week. Kindergarten. Yes, not an entirely "huge" step in terms of thinking big academics and subject areas ... but keeping a kindergartener busy requires a lot of my time! We often have an hour and a half at the gym in the morning, so a lot of the rest of my time is RIGHT THERE BESIDE HIM. Because, although he is flying through the beginnings of his work and his books, the activities go so fast that I don't hardly have a moment to turn the other way before it is time to give the next set of directions. Or we're sitting, absorbed in a reading lesson, on the couch together while I nurse Matthias. Yes. It has been good (and I hope to post a short video later of the boys in relation to this), but it has also eaten up the bits of free time I had! We're obviously still in the beginnings of it and working on finding our rhythm. We'll get there! (and I would like to state that I am IN AWE of those mothers and friends who homeschool multiple children. You are amazing! Someday, someday, I will be get there as well)

And of course, there is another little boy who "needs" to be working on school whilst his older brother is as well. = ) Thank goodness for little workbooks.

And, last Saturday, my sister had her baby! Mataya Joy was born late Saturday night, after a really long labor and an unplanned c-section at the end. But we're so glad she is here! I haven't been able to snuggle her near enough as I would like, but hopefully once my sister is able to drive again, she can come park at my house for afternoons while the boys get some school done and Mataya can just join in on the fun here!

So, that is that. More memories to hopefully get on here in the next couple days, and a re-cap of a fun night with some special ladies I got to get out and enjoy last night = )

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