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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back In the Saddle

So to speak ... those that know me know I love my workouts! Maybe a little too much, sometimes = ) It kind of amuses me, sometimes. I always thought of myself as very un-athletic in junior high and high school. I didn't play any sports, and the closest I got to sports was gymnastics until at some point in junior high I popped my knee out really badly. I then took to ballet - which I had done on and off throughout life up to that point - and did dance for several years. In high school, I forced myself to run some mornings early before school, mostly to keep in shape, not because I liked running! And I certainly didn't consider myself that great at it. I would sometimes run with my dad, and I remember how on our "route", there was a shortcut street, and often I would take it and walk that street, catching up to him as he ran the longer way around, and then would run the rest of the way home. My fitness level wasn't terrible, but not super amazing by any means!

And somehow in college I started the fitness craze = ) Slow, but gradually growing. I worked out at the student rec center at KU, did videos at home, and started to enjoy growing stronger and seeing results from my workouts. Did Dog Days for a couple years, started having babies and then joined my gym. For there, well, it was like a domino effect! Watched trainers, took classes, eventually trained to teach classes, eventually became a trainer myself! Whew. It has been a funny road, but I really DO enjoy working out! Sweating for me is a huge stress relief, and I feel great afterwards. And I have made so many wonderful friends along the way. Two years ago I met Natalie, and we hesistantly asked the other about maybe working out together? And oh my! I learned so much from her, but even more importantly, met someone with a heart of gold, that I am so fortunate to be able to call one of my closest friends. And we push each other. After all, what are friends, for, right?

So, with Matthias, I kept up working out throughout my pregnancy, at a pretty high intensity. I always listened to my body! But my body loved working out. And once he was born, I was actually surprised at how quickly my body was ready to get back into it, and how my muscles were like YES! let's do this! So, this summer has been about getting back into teaching classes, back into lifting and running, and enjoying the daily sweat, whether it's only a few minutes, or an hour. I have learned that with three children (one of them an infant), workouts don't always get to be as long or happen when I want ... but I don't take them for granted. A friend of mine posted on Facebook a saying about running: in essence it was a reminder not to begrudge it or take it granted. Having a God given body is a gift - and being able to enjoy exercise IS a gift! There are many people out there with limitations ... I often see a younger women taking classes at our gym. She lost most of one of her arms. I don't know how - haven't had the chance to hear her story, but she is there nonetheless. Working. Staying healthy. And (hopefully) not worrying about what others' may think! That is inspiring!

Anyway, I teach a cardio/strength class on Mondays and Tuesdays. Yesterday and today we did a great workout!

15 min agility: three times through each round; with 16 pushups in between
- Side Hops and Football Shuffles
- Out/In Squat Jumps and High Knee Jog
- Lateral Shuffles and Touch Hops
- Jump Rope and Basketball Shots
15 min kickboxing: including;
- Hooks
- Jabs
- Front Kicks
- Jumping Jacks
20 Body Weight Toning: 30/30 Seconds, 4x thru each set of exercises
1. Squat Pulses/Side Traveling Squats
2. Burpees/Plank
3. Squat Jumps/Curtsey Lunges
4. Plank Jacks/Flutter Kicks
*We ended with some side planks, crunches, nice and sweaty. My buns and quads were sore this morning, so I have a feeling I will "feel" them tomorrow as well!

I know that many of my friends are not such fitness enthusiasts as me. But I want to keep in mind - always - that our health and fitness level is a gift. Our bodies and the God-given abilities that we have with them are a gift. Let's not take them for granted, whether you're snuggling a baby, chasing a toddler, playing with a child, jogging with a friend, or hardcore lifting weights!

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