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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Up In Flames

I just got word about two hours ago that Eli's sister and husband's house has caught on fire. As far as I can understand, the husband was driving his motorcycle into their driveway over lunchtime, and the engine of his motorcycle caught on fire, and then caught his garage on fire, which led to some major damage on the house. I'm not even sure if the house itself is salvagable.

Thankfully, their dog made it out safe, and my sister-in-law was at work, and my sweet baby niece was at Grandma's house. No injuries. But really scary.

Moments like this always cause me to look around my house. What if it were me? What if it were my boys' room that was now non-existent ... their special toys, blankies, photos ... gone.
What would I do? Would I be crying? Or would I just be hugging Eli, Jonah, and Reuben as tight as I could, thankful that we were just still okay?

I can't predict that - but I can be thankful. Thankful the Lord protected all of them, and be reminded that daily He has and is protecting me. And it is a reminder to me that the "things" in my house can't be what I treasure. I love memories - I love "stuff" that reminds me of a memory and there is a part of me that loves to store away things and keep them forever. But I am not guaranteed that ANY of that will be around for another day. What really matters? My relationships. My relationship with God, with my family and friends ... and even acquaintances in whose lives I can brighten a bit with a smile or kind word.

For my family's sake, I wish the events of today were reversible. But I won't take for granted the reminder to keep my own priorities in life straight.


  1. Is the house repairable?
    How scary! Please tell Melissa I'm praying for them

  2. hey there - please let me know if your sister needs anything. i hear she may need an exersaucer - i have one...she is welcome to anything we have...so sorry for them! :(