A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, September 16, 2011


Jonah has mostly given up naps altogether. It's rather sad for me. I utilized that small window of quietness to accomplish many things around my house! I still work to have him have a "quiet time" of his own, which is sometimes successful, sometimes a battle. But every now and then, that 4 year old hasn't slept well, or has had many busy days in a row, and is plain T.I.R.E.D. I believe I've mentioned before that he is exceptional at fighting through those tired moments and getting to the other (although somewhat crabbier) side.

On the other hand, in my current state of life, naps are sounding really good! There are some afternoons as of late, that it has seemed impossible to keep my eyes from sliding shut for a twenty minute cat nap to help the rest of the day livable. Even though I find myself resting on the couch more than I like in the afternoons due to intense nausea, I still feel tired! It's rather amazing to me. I prefer to go-go-go and push through things. My body isn't allowing me to do that.

So the other afternoon, I put Reuben down. Explained to Jonah that Mommy REALLY needed to rest in her bed for a short time ... didn't he want to just join me? A frown followed this suggestion. Fine by me. I told him he could play in the living room quietly. I dozed for about twenty minutes, I think, opened my eyes and saw him lying in the hallway outside my bedroom; blanket curled up under his head - and he was glaring at me. I knew he was tired that day. I asked him - again - if he wanted to lay by me. He shook his head. I closed my eyes, and when they opened a second twenty minutes later ... he was sound alseep in that same position.

Stubborn (but very sweet looking) little boy!

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