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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baby In the Tummy

(And yes, venting time is over. I have now recovered from my pathetic bout of self-pity! And each day I read Psalm 23 ... no matter how the valleys feel, I need not fear, Someone else can be my Light).

Although we ended up telling the boys about the baby sooner than we had planned (due to morning sickness), I hadn't seen many indications that Reuben has paid any attention at all the facts of the matter. Jonah makes comments quite often on what color he thinks "our baby's" eyes will be, asking in what relation of time in terms of Christmas will the baby arrive, and is quite indignant that this baby causes his mommy to feel sick.

Reuben has never said much: and we didn't expect him to. His little two-year-old world is entirely wrapped up in figuring out what is "mine" versus his brother's; how to avoid being put down for naps; running circles around the house; and then snuggling for books at night. He is my boy who keeps his mommy laughing and clamoring for more hugs from his sweet little arms and face. The one with the mischevious laugh and smile.

And then this morning after Jonah had gone to preschool, Eli and I were sitting at the table with Reuben while he had a drink. I asked him: "Reuben, how do you feel about your day today?".

He looked at me, pulled up his shirt and looked at his stomach, and matter-of-factly replied: "Well, I have a baby in my tummy. It will come out later." And proceeded to finish his drink.

Apparently he has picked up on more "baby talk" than we had realized! = )

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