A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, September 12, 2011


Although the boys wish this meant that we HAVE kittens, it got just about as good as it can get in terms of playing with kittens last Saturday night.

We headed out to some friends' house in the country (ahhhhhhh, no city noises, no misquitoes, just breezes and quiet ...) for some BBQ and hanging out! We were the only couple with kiddos, but Jason and Audrey said "of course" the boys were welcome to come. They didn't need any pushing: Audrey said that farm kittens would be in abundance!

Since Eli is allergic to cats, there will never be any kittens that get to reside in our home, so the boys and I are used to the fact that we just get to play with others' friendly cats when we get the chance. And who can resist sweet little kittens? (Besides Eli - who also professes a strong dislike for cats as well) The poor kittens got their share of being toted around, chased around, snuggled tight, and kissed. Although they most likely breathed a sigh of relief once the boys were being loaded up in the van to head home, it was one evening that is still being re-lived by Jonah and Reuben to anyone who will listen!

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