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A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Another Triumph!

Although Jonah was potty trained long ago ... he has always struggled to stay dry at night. We have never pushed him -believing that he would stay dry when he was ready. He's a pretty heavy sleeper, so we didn't want to make him upset by pushing him to try and stay dry and have many nights of accidents. He's been just wearing a diaper at night, and we've talked on many occasions about how soon we would be trying to wear underwear at night, but he always got really fearful about the idea. Being a first child, I see the perfectionist in Jonah ... and I think the thought of having accidents at night just really bothers him, no matter how often we assure him that it's not big deal and "no, you won't be in trouble" if an accident happens.

Not worth traumatizing him about - to us. So, we told him when he was ready to give it a try, we were there to cheer him on. And, since he had earned a "fighter guy" (aka a Star Wars figure) when he conquered staying dry at naptimes, we had promised another fighter guy once he started staying dry at night and being willing to wear underwear. But most nights, he woke up wet and we just kept saying that the right time would come.

And Yay! All week long he woke up with dry diapers, and last night, he suddenly said that he wanted to wear his underwear to bed! All on his own ... we tucked him in, prayed with him that he could stay dry again, and this morning a triumphent little 4 year old woke up Daddy - all dry.

They trooped to the basement to pick out a figure - YODA - and Jonah has carried him around today and called Oma to share the glory. Yes, there will probably still be some accidents happening, but we have turned the corner and we're so excited!

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