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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Sweet Boy ...

Ahhhhhh, today was one of those days when Jonah was my sweet little boy. He's always my little boy, but sometimes the sweetness gets covered up by independence, or selfishness, or whining, or you-name-it. All parents are nodding in agreement!

I hope I can always remember these little words of his:

We were getting ready to head to Aunt Adi's house. Jonah asked if I was going to stay with him (he obviously had some inclination of something) ... I replied that I was going to take him there, but I had a church event to meet Daddy at. Jonah sighed. "But, Mommy! I want to stay with you!" I know. I know. But not this time. And you'll have a great time! He looked at me very seriously. "Okay. I will take my blankie ... and I will always have you in my heart." Followed by a super-leg-squeeze. If that just doesn't want to make a Mommy take her little boy with her, what does?

Later on this evening, Jonah was set up at the table coloring away ... I was at the kitchen counter, writing down grocery deals from the newspaper. He pipes up: "Mommy, I would like it if you would color with me. You always make beautiful pictures with me when you color. And I love you. You are my friend. And I would like to color together with you." He wasn't trying to guilt trip me. I could hear the innocence in his voice at this moment. Newspaper set aside: we colored the most beautiful, rainbowy-est picture ever!

Bedtime: I explained we were going to put Reuben down early this evening and that then Jonah could stay up a bit with Mommy. His face lit up. I honestly and fully expected to hear a request for video games at this moment ... but no. I kid you not, this was what he said: "Yay! And then I can help you clean up all the toys and get the house ready for bedtime. I will be your helper. Right, Mom?" Well, no way I am going to pass on this offer!!!!!!

And then we snuggled the rest of our evening away with Bible stories and songs. What a great way to end my day with my boys.

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