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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Birthday Wish

Birthdays are different as you grow older, of course. It's fun when it comes around, but it isn't the same as when you are waiting w.a.i.t.i.n.g. to get one year older. I joked with the boys that I was so happy to be 29! And Reuben looked me so upset, "But Mommy! You aren't 29!!!!! You are 32!" To him, it is so wonderful to turn a year older!

But, this year, my birthday day is a little different ... I didn't have huge plans, but figured we would get out and about and maybe the boys and I would get a donut together after my hour of work this morning. Enjoy the day was my goal. Still my goal, but the circumstances changed when the seven year old started throwing up around midnight last night. And about seven times again throughout the night. Poor Jonah. I had been so happy that although we have definitely had our share of some sickness, we hadn't had any stomach bugs. I was hoping to go to my parents' house to watch the KU game tonight, but now we will stay confined here to not spread germs.

Until now.

Praying that it doesn't get shared with anyone else, especially a little baby who has already been on antibiotics twice for ear infections! Abram has had a rough first eight weeks of life! An issue with his circumcision started it off, and then two nasty colds with ear infections. Sometimes I have wondered if he will ever be a happy baby! And then we get glimpses on periods of time when he has been better, and I remind myself "this too shall pass" and soon he'll be a giggling, happy baby once we get over all the junk around here.

But, Eli always still manages to make my day special. He somehow snuck balloons into the boys' closet that they presented me with this morning. Everyone made me cards yesterday, and Matthias couldn't keep it a secret, and ran downstairs: "Mommy! I made you a card, and I put stickers on it, and I love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MOMMY!!!!" The big boys were appalled, but I reassured them I could wait and see their "surprises" tomorrow = ) The dining room table was decorated this morning when I walked out of the bedroom, and even when short nights of sleep catch you by surprise, those little things make a girl feel special.

And so? We've played card games, watched a bit of extra TV, and I decided to not mess with school today. One boy sick, the other boy helping to be my runner to get things when I have been nursing - and if I get some laundry done, we will call it a win! My birthday wish is just that ALL my boys get completely healthy - and fast!

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