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A Bushel of Brooks
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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Matthias Matthias

I think Matthias has enough personality for at least three people. He is every inch of his little body full of energy, mischievous thoughts, endless vocabulary, silly faces, attention getting antics, and everything and anything else that could be crammed into that little 36 pound boy. He makes me laugh like crazy ... and two seconds later can literally drive me crazy!

As soon as Abram was born, it did not take long for him to discover that when Mommy sat down to nurse "Baby Abram", he could slip away and get into things. Or bother his brothers. Or throw books across the room. Or fill up endless cups of ice and water in the kitchen. Not that everything he does is naughty, he l.o.v.e.s to climb up and sit beside me with books in his lap and we read together. He begs for snuggles when he wakes up in the morning and after naptime. He wants to help make smoothies, and take things to people when they need them or ask for them. He is quick to volunteer to help me whenever he knows I am headed down to the laundry room. But, he is equally quick to try and sneak into Jonah's top bunk bed, though he knows it is forbidden territory. Or grab a toy from big brothers and make a dash down the hall.

As the parent, it has been a challenge for me to figure out how to effectively discipline him, re-direct him, without him feeling constantly told "no" or in trouble. Truth be told, he really wants to be "in" on things, especially the things his big brothers are doing, and it is no fun to always be the little brother being told to go away or don't touch. My patience is tried and tested hourly with him and I often fail my tests. But, I am working to see past what might appear as naughty, because he often just wants attention.

Thank goodness he has never seemed upset that Abram is here. He love love LOVES Abram and frequently asks to hold him, or will chatter to him if Abram is in his bouncy seat. My cousin once famously tried to get my parents to take his little sister home after they baby sat for my aunt and uncle. He was done having a little sister around! Matthias, not so much. But, I can see how the adjustment to not being the baby and to having Mommy's (and Daddy's) attention spread a bit more affects him.

So, I make the effort to praise good behavior. Give him lots of snuggles when my arms are free. Read books upon books when we have the time. And remember that the child is two. He is figuring out how far he can push Mommy and Daddy, learning boundaries, wanting to be big like Reuben and Jonah, and just being himself! Himself that pulls kitchen chairs all over the place to be a part of stirring pots, the little boy who touches my hair: "Mommy, I lub your hair, it's sooooo boo-tiful!!!", an impish boy that tried to steal Reuben's candy this morning when Reuben wasn't looking, a still chubby-armed child that squeezes my neck and plants big kisses on my cheeks at night.

Each day he and I have our challenges ... but gosh I love that kid!

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