A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


It dawned on me the other day as I was driving with the boys, that we had promised them over a year ago, once we were in a new house, they could get a pet. Well, Elisa, moving into said new house in four short days!

I'm really hoping they don't quite connect the dots like the literal evening we move into the house and are starting getting ready for bed and everything. Maybe give me a couple days before saying; "Mommy??? Remember how you and Daddy promised us a pet in the new house?"

Although with Jonah, that would be a miracle. That boy does NOT forget.

With Reuben's allergies (and Eli's - for that matter!), cats and dogs are out of the question. Which, in our ideal world, we would have loved to have a dog for the boys to run around with. But not for the Bushel of Brooks. We have settled on a lizard, and I believe the boys are planning on a bearded dragon, specifically. I'm pretty sure every single one of them would love a snake, but at that, I draw the line! No snakes in my house. Lizards I do not have a problem with, snakes? Quite a large problem!

But, reality is sinking in. That means a tank. Supplies. Upkeep. Feeding. Cleaning. Etc. Responsibility is about to be taken on by all involved parties.

And so we'll get a lizard. And we'll play with other people's pets whenever we can! Eli's sister got three kittens, which Jonah and Matthias were delighted to play with when we were last at her house. And even Reuben warmed up to them. And since he normally displays fear with dogs and cats, we went ahead and let him hold the kittens and gave him a bath at home = )

Kittens are so darn cute. I would have probably given in and wanted to get one myself if it didn't make members of my brood sneeze incessantly. And Jonah is always up for playing with people's dogs whenever we're around families that have pets.

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