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A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, August 8, 2014

New Beginnings

I'm surrounded by boxes and packing materials and clutter and insanity. That would be moving. I don't highly recommend moving twice within a three month period. Something about it makes the mother of the house feel like she is losing her mind and her energy ... thankfully, at some point it WILL END. We will be moved and settled and we won't have things in four different locations, right? Right.

And really, I should be packing, which feels like all I have been doing all week, except work. But the pregnant belly is protesting right now, which I think means sitdownandstopforaminute. Okay. I will. The new beginning, the new home, is just at our fingertips, although I think the boys aren't taking me seriously when I say "we're moving all this stuff tonight!" as they continue to get out more toys. Ah well. Trying!

As we prep for a new home, we're prepping for a new school year. I can't believe that Jonah will be in second grade! A box of fresh, new schoolbooks arrived yesterday. And of course, even though they are schoolbooks, the boys were excited. There is something fun about pages that haven't been written in, books that haven't even been cracked open by anyone else. They dove in, looking at everything!

I am so proud of my Reubs. Five years old and starting a first grade math book. I'm not worried about pushing through it fast, we will take our time and make sure that we get our concepts and have everything down. But, that kid loves numbers. Nearly everyday he is asking me some addition or subtraction problem that he is working on in his head. Just loves numbers!

He pulled out that new book and right away sat down at the table, finding pages, showing me what he would be working on in that big book! And then when Eli got home, he had to show Dad.

Our new Bible curriculum

I know that each year just ups the workload - for the boys AND for me! And so I enter the school year (which we will hopefully start in a couple weeks) knowing that I cannot do this alone, but really need the grace of God to be the mommy and the teacher for this bushel.

And so begins a weekend of newness. Our last night in Opa's house is tonight, and tomorrow we'll be sleeping on Sharon Drive!

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