A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tough It Out

Pre-Race Photo
Last weekend, Eli ran in a Tough Mudder race in Topeka. 12 miles, with many obstacles, and he loved it! When he first decided to do this race, he asked if I wanted to do it with him = ) I told him I don't like getting dirty and I like climate controlled workouts! So, he rallied four friends to join his team and they trained together as often as their schedules allowed over the last few months, and totally rocked out the race last Saturday.

I was so proud of him! It was a great motivation and he likes having a goal to work towards. The boys loved seeing all the pictures (thanks to his sister who went as a photographer for the team!) afterwards of their Daddy going hard core in his race.

He's already looking for another challenge to put on the horizon's schedule = ) He asked me if I wanted to do just a 5K or 10K this summer, but I told him I wasn't too interested in racing during the Kansas summer heat as a 5 month pregnant Momma ... but I would be there to cheer him along if he wants to do one. (I think he just really wanted to beat me)

What a great memory for him to have and we really are so grateful that Joy went along withe camera to document it.

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