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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

We have created the tradition of carving pumpkins at Eli's parents' house each year now. I am NOT that good at carving pumpkins at all! At best, I can cut out shapes and a more "classic" face ... Eli, however, takes on much more difficult pictures. He and the big boys look on the computer for the picture that they want, and then he somehow creates a masterpiece!

Grandma and the cheese man
This year, our troops at Grandma's house would be lower in numbers, so thankfully, there was no fuss when we told the boys that Daddy was going to carve one pumpkin for them to share. We don't have three hours for him to chip away! And in reality, pumpkin carving goes like this:

We show up at Grandma's.
Boys are ecstatic for pumpkin carving.
We get everything set up on the table.
Boys disappear from the kitchen and play toys or watch a movie the ENTIRE TIME.
Every so often they pop in: "Is it done yet?"
Eli gets goopy and creative.
I watch, toting Matthias on my hip.
Pumpkin gets finished.
Boys run in, "Yippee!"
They get pictures with the pumpkin they never touched.
Everyone is happy! = )

Eli always does a fantastic job, and there will be day that Jonah joins him at the table.

We're just not quite there yet.

Mya and Joy carved their pumpkins and we enjoyed a good fall memory-making evening!

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