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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Family Whirlwind!

My father-in-law's sister, Aunt Michelle came to visit the last week. She hasn't been here in about five years, so the visit was long overdue! Aunt Michelle is hard to describe ... in a good way! She makes you laugh, she plays with the boys, she is affectionate, and every time you see her, it's like it has only been a few days. She is truly a gem of a lady, and we have missed not seeing her for such a long time.

That makes a visit one that lots gets crammed into! Eli and I were unfortunately (and fortunately!) gone for part of her visit. He took the Outstretch guys on a retreat: I took the girls on one. The retreats were awesome (more on that another time!), but we missed time with Aunt Michelle. On the other side, she got lots of time with little Brooks boys = )

CHEESE! face!
Auntie 'Chell and Tirzah
I'm sure we could fit a few more on that couch, yes???
Daddy and Matthias
Helping Aunt Jess open presents

We got home Sunday evening, and had lots of family activities planned into Monday and even Tuesday morning before she flew out that afternoon. Birthdays, lunches, dinners, etc.! Both Eli and I were exhausted pretty tired, but it still made for a fun time, as always. The boys were so so disappointed to see her leave, and were quite attached to Auntie 'Chell in only one week. I'm hoping that means that if we get to see her next summer, she will get lots of hugs right off the bat!

I can't believe that it is the 23rd. Yes, I know. I always "can't believe" that time is what it is ... it flies. We haven't even broken out the cookie cutters yet! Yikes! I'm working on getting back into the swing of a busy week and getting the boys back into school after a few days off because of my absence. I've got brownies baking away in the oven to take to our decorating party at Outstretch tonight, laundry running running running to wash all those smokey clothes, and three little boys that I am SO GLAD to have an afternoon at home with today. It's a beautiful fall = )

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