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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Bad Guys and Zipcodes

This is a rather unusual week for the boys and I schedulewise, so we're going a bit more bare-bones with some of our school subjects this week. Not worrying about art (unless we easily find the time), and letting a week of spelling lessons fall by the side. We'll focus on math, phonics/reading/writing/grammar, science, history, and fit in some geography because we love it! There are many other planning items pulling for needing my attention for youth group retreats. Things that HAVE to be done, not optional.

So, I'm working to be easy on myself, because my to-do list will quite likely not get done each day. And that is okay.

But I was working with Jonah in his grammar book this afternoon. We've been pounding common vs. proper nouns to the death the last 1-2 months. He has mastered them well, which I'm happy about, but the book also uses the opportunity to slip in other mastery as well. Including him being able to say and properly write his own address in its entirety. So today, we were finishing learning about zip codes. Zip Codes.

At the close of the lesson, I said something like: "And now you see your whole address. And everyone has a zip code at the end of their address so that their mail will go to the correct place" etc etc.

Jonah looks at me and quickly responds, "Well, not the bad guys, Mom. Bad guys don't have zip codes."


He finishes writing his assignment and closes the book.

I love the logic of a 6 year old. = )

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