A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, May 24, 2012


I often dislike Thursdays. Something about getting all the way to Thursday, and I am worn out. Wednesdays are hump day, we're gearing up for youth group, but then the boys are up later than usual, and I'm always working hard to now get all three to bed myself with minimal crying, and Thursday morning comes too early! Waaaaayyyy to early this morning, when Matthias thought that our day should start at 5:30 a.m. Sigh.

The wonderful thing about my day was that I then handed off Matthias to Eli at 6:30, and headed to the gym to lift weights with Natalie - which has been a HUGE booster to my sanity the past week as I have gotten back into the gym! We are pushing each other right now ... my buns are still sore from a lower body workout we did on Monday! Talk about effective ...

Today is no exception from the challenges, though ... and this isn't necessarily a complaint, just a muse that there must be someway I can enter into the day of Thursday not soo tired, with a better attitude, something to make it better! Matthias has been fussy today - see below - and the boys were worn out from an extremely busy day yesterday! And I volunteered (maybe foolishly) to bring dinner to an older couple from church as the wife is having multiple medical and health issues right now. So, holding a fussy baby most of the day, attempting to cook something nice for another family, and keep my bigger boys busy with things has been a challenge!

My and my little guy ... a moment of peace on the couch today

And Friday, at least, is Friday! You can look forward to the weekend and hopefully a bit more time with Eli at home, and time to relax - theoretically!

So, as I bounce my baby today, I'm working on getting that all done. At least while nursing, I have found some wonderful devotionals to read on my iTouch, to keep my mind in the best place possible. Now - if I could just get Shutterly to cooperate with me as I'm trying to get some photos ordered that we need by Saturday morning ... = )

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