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A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Days Fading Away

Can you feel it? Summer is almost over. Kids that attend public school have gone back, and most private schools start in the next weeks. Several homeschool families that we are friends with have started working through books. Although we're still having some pretty warm days, I think we're done with the 100+ degrees and extreme humidity. Thank the Lord!

Jonah goes to preschool next week. Same preschool he attended last year, but for three mornings a week, rather than just two. I realized that at some point next spring (gulp!!!), we're going to have a make a decision on further schooling. Veritas? Virtual School? Homeschool? How did my firstborn already made it this far? Thankfully, I can still put off the decision a little longer ... but I am thankful that he can attend preschool. I can see a difference in how he interacts with other kids, and it has helped with the "mommy-itis" that he struggles with. He is openly verbal about "just wanting to be with Mommy all the time", so we've seen him grow in the security of knowing that it is okay to enjoy spending time away from Mommy, and she always comes back to pick him up

So, we're enjoying our last few days. And back to the backyard we have headed ...

I love love LOVE playing outside with my boys. They completely crack me up with their antics ... and I relish in seeing them play together as friends more and more. Although summertime is fun ... I will admit that I am excited for a more "set" schedule in our days - A.N.D. fall has so much to look forward to! Pumpkin Patch. Fall Scented Candles. Fire Pits. Camping. Apple Pies. Baking. Costumes. Colorful Leaves. Cooler Temperatures.

Ahhhhhhh, it's a bittersweet goodbye to what has been such a wonderful summer.

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