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A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Sleep, Anyone???

Ahhhhhhh, you forget sometimes how adequate sleep helps you get through each day until you start losing that sleep.

Reuben came down with one of his cheezing breathing issues following a cold (every two months it seems we deal with this!), so we were up with him all last weekend in the night during coughing fits. We've kinda figured out good tag-teaming methods so that we each at least get some stretches of sleep! I was super excited once Monday rolled around, because I could see that he was pulling out of it ... breathing treatments were going well and I knew we had rounded the corner.

Then Wednesday: somehow a ridiculous amout of chiggers found Jonah. Unfortunately, I think it was in his preschool's yard. By Wednesday evening he was itching like crazy ... and in places that you don't really want to itch! We were up with him every couple hours because the itching was literally keeping him awake. S.O. G.L.A.D. that we had anti-itch cream in the hall closet!

And I thought that might end our nights' awake. We put Reuben down last night as normal, let Jonah sleep on our floor in case we were still putting on cream in the middle of the night. But Jonah slept hard and long - not a whimper from him. But at 3:30 a.m., Reuben was crying. The kind of crying that means his ears were hurting. Didn't want to be laid down flat. He would finally fall asleep ... 10 minutes he would be whimpering "Mommy, ooowww!" I took the first shift ... and Eli wonderfully took over at 4:30, and I was back for the next round at 6:00.

Overall, the week has been good. Jonah has enjoyed seeing preschool friends again - in some ways we have had a full and fun week. But I can't wait for just one night of good sleep! Tonight???? I hope so ...

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