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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Face

Ahhhhhh, it's happening right before my eyes. Reuben is losing the "baby chub".

Not that he was ever chubby to begin with ... NOOOO, instead our doctor was always ordering us to feed him more and any full fat things that could be found to attempt to bring his weight up! = ) But, you know, that little baby/boy roundness is going away. He's getting taller, talking more (as in: Mommy, don't pat my bottom when I was tucking him in last night), and his face is thinner. I don't want it to happen!

When I was putting him to bed, he decided that his hand was extremely interesting and was holding it up to the light, studying his little fingers. And I kind of choked up - looking at those little chubby fingers, knowing that they are fading away and my big boy is coming through. Two years old. I look back and pictures of Jonah when he was two, and it the same thing. The baby face caught in the middle of growing, still a little round, but saying goodbye. And it is no fun. Not that there isn't more to enjoy. But, I'll never get this little two year old back ... the one who suddenly turns to squeeze my neck and kiss my cheek when singing him bedtime songs, the one who looks up when I walk in the door and says: Mommy, where been you?

As the I do it s become more prominent, I'm loving all the hold me s that I can get from this little guy. This little two year old.

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  1. I feel your pain...Libby is right behind him. They grow so fast...maybe time for another??? ;)