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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, March 14, 2011

That Sibling Bond

There are many, many, M.A.N.Y. times that it seems no matter what I say, how I intervene, how I don't intervene ... the boys don't get along. Squabbles, arguments, envy, "mine!" ... you name it! And for those of us that have siblings, or multiple children - well, we get it. Little children, selfish and self-focused, cannot see from another's perspective, and so chaos often ensues.


There are also those many times in which I see that sibling bond shine through. The other night, these two boys that so often quarrel about ridiculous things, were each other's best friend. They played together, they helped each other out, etc. And at one point, Jonah was laying his head in Reuben's lap, and they were just giggling and smiling and enjoying each other's silliness.

I wouldn't trade my siblings for the world. Sure, I can look back and remembers times that didn't feel so "lovey dovey", but I cannot imagine my life without the other four ... and now my two sisters are my dearest friends. I pray the same for Jonah and Reuben - boys so close together - that they become pillars of strength for each other during life's tough times.

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