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A Bushel of Brooks
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Jonah!!!

Happy 4th Birthday to our Jonah.
Yes, a day late ... we were out of town the last three days - so a day late posting!
Can't believe that four years ago he was born and made me a "mommy".
I remember his birth story so clearly ...
the surprise doctor appointment where they said I needed to be induced ...
the challenges that came along with being induced!
And then, the arrival of my tiny guy ...
Jonah has been such a fun kid!
Of course, many challenges along the way,
but his personality is hilarious - he loves to joke and tease and laugh with us.
And then he is so inquisitive!
He loves to learn and asks so many questions about things so that he can amass more information!
The past year has been exciting to see him figure things out.
I continue to pray that as he grows,
his heart will yearn for a true and lasting relationship with Jesus
as he asks so many questions
and learns about right and wrong, lies vs. truth.
And - that he will have lot fun during his 4th year, too!


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