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A Bushel of Brooks
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Eli wanted me to "write" this down so that we could remember,
Well, that means put it on the blog, because there is no "where" that we write these kinds of things down!

Jonah and I were driving to the gym yesterday morning, as usual for Mondays.
We drove by the Armory, and a soldier was standing outside in his uniform
(he was smoking, but thank goodness Jonah didn't catch that part).
We started talking about tanks, armies, soldiers, etc.

And then Jonah asked me why the soldiers were there today.
I told him that they were probably meeting to practice "army stuff"
and talk about protecting people and fighting.

"But why do they need to practice?"
So that they are ready if they need to fight.
"But they don't need to fight ... there aren't any bad guys here."
Well ...

"Mommy, bad guys like Darth Vader aren't real. They are just pretend.
So the army guys don't have to fight."
(can you hear the echo of what we have been telling him when he gets scared at night? Yeah.)
Well, Jonah, there are some bad guys other places. People that want to do bad things and hurt other people. And the soldiers in the army are prepared to fight and protect us if they need to.


And then very seriously and as caringly as this could sound: "I sure hope that they don't have to go and fight Goliath. THAT WOULD BE REALLY BAD FOR THEM."

Me too, Jonah, me too.

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