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A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Our home has turned into Star Warsville … truly.

Not sure how it happened (okay, we do – thanks, Eli), but Jonah loves Star Wars. Not that he has ever watched the actual movies … no way! But, he loves them just the same. He came by it honestly. Eli has three storage tubs full of Star Wars action figures – most still in their original packaging. We have opened a few for Jonah to play with, and it just took off from there. He now is planning a Star Wars birthday party, talks about Star Wars all the time, wears Darth Vader helmets around the house, at any given time is spouting off random Star Wars facts, and constantly reminds me that he “can change into any Star Wars guy”. He completely schools me in Star Wars knowledge, and has already spent hours with his nose in a Star Wars sticker/fact book that he got last Saturday for his birthday. Oh my.

And Reuben is just following along behind him …

How do I know it’s past just a “normal” thing? Well, you know your kid(s) are beyond that point when:

1) Your two-year old now walks around saying “Boba Fett”

2) Both boys love to put on the Darth Vader helmet and say “you don’t know the power of the dark side” and laugh hysterically at each other

3) Jonah knows probably near one hundred different Star Wars characters

4) Jonah refers to his mother as “Princess Leia”

5) Reuben holds up action figures and eagerly pronounces some to be “ba dye” (bad guy) and some to be “doo dye” (good guy)

6) Jonah walked into Eli’s office Wednesday night – first thing he noticed? The birthday party invitations Tatyana had made for him that were Star Wars. “MOMMY! WHAT ARE THOSE STAR WARS THINGS?”

7) Light Saber fights are now a daily ritual

8) You have had to have several discussions on why Anakein Skywalker chose to follow the dark side … and yes, that was a bad decision

9) Due to playing the LEGO Star Wars video game, Jonah now refers to his own energy level in bars: i.e., “Mommy, I am pretty tired. I only have one energy left …”

10) He longs for the day when he is allowed to watch the “real” movies. Yikes. I remember being FREAKED out by those when I was little!!!! Not ready for that day to come …

I know that phases come and go … but I’m interested to see how long this one sticks around.

Getting into his Star Wars book at birthday time ...

First time in the full-out Darth Vadar costume. Do these buttons really work?

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