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A Bushel of Brooks
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Off to School!

Finally, FINALLY, the yuckies are gone from this house! I believe that we are all healthy, whole, and without "spitters" or other rather disgusting side effects of stomach bugs! We are, however, anxious to get out of the house and do things. In our normal routine, we are out of the house at least once each day. To the gym, for grocery shopping, to visit Grandma, to head to church/youth group/small group, or for Jonah's days at preschool. The boys didn't leave the house this week! We attempted youth group, but Jonah got sick there - sending us home early. They truly have some cabin fever going on.

Today is Kansas Day. Jonah normally heads to preschool on Tues/Thurs mornings, but today his class was meeting to do special Kansas Day activities. I was so glad that he was well, and that he had the opportunity to go to school and see his beloved teacher and his friends this week after all!

It's also a school weekend for Eli. He goes to Springfield, Missouri, at least one weekend a month to take classes as he is working towards his Masters of Divinity. I am rather bummed that he is going to be gone this weekend, and it feels like this week was really long for me - full of tired, bored, and somewhat cranky, sick-feeling boys. I'm working on my attitude!

So, this morning, I packed up two boys and sent them off to school! Eli dropped of Jonah on his way out of town! I am looking forward to some playtime with cousins, and errands during warmer, sunshiny weather this weekend!

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