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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Calvin in the Making ...

Remember Calvin and Hobbes?
That wonderful, silly, hilarious strip comic about a spiked-haired
Little boy and his stuffed tiger?
His fantastic imagination ...
His parent-will-pull-out-their-hair antics ....
His babysitter-torturing ideas ...
And his well-rehearsed negotiations with his parents.
Yup, that one.

My parents, brothers, and sisters all loved to read that comic strip.
We loved in the local newspaper,
and we collected most of the books throughout our teen years to share around the house.

A few months ago,
Eli pulled out a couple from a box of his own books that had been packed away.
We were joking that we shouldn't let Jonah see/read/absorb
ANY of the information contained between those covers!
Not that, truly, at three he can understand the humor -
BUT, you get my drift.
Calvin is certainly not whom we want Jonah to imitate.

The book was sitting on top of our dresser ....
And this is what I walked into my bedroom to find after drying my hair this morning.


Jonah proceeded to request for us to "read" the book to him.
I attempted to find a couple sections that would actually make sense to him
(and not give him strange ideas of what to do with snowmen someday = ))

Have you had a good laugh today?
Maybe need to be grateful for the children that you do have?
Look up a couple Calvin and Hobbes strips online - and enjoy!

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