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A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bye Bye, Duck-A-Duck ...

When Reuben first learned to say the word "Duck" a few months ago,
He didn't say just "Duck".
He called those little feathered friends "Duck-a-Ducks".
Said quickly and excitedly.
"Duck-a-Ducks" were so much fun for him to look for in pictures books,
to play with the bathtub, and to see when we go to Cabela's.
I loved his own little twist on it.

And then a couple days ago, we were reading a books,
and he pointed to one and said "DUCKY".
Yup, Ducky.
I thought perhaps this was a momentary lapse in his sweet baby vocabulary,
but then last night during the bath, he proudly splashed around,
then suddenly found and exclaimed "Ducky!"

Eli and I looked at each other and kind of sighed and made sad faces.
Baby talk is so sweet, so innocent, and at times, so hilarious!
What they think they are saying compared to the actual word ...
Well, let's just say that they often don't match up quite right.
And it's sad to see those little quirks of babyhood disappear in a day's time.

I remembered how Jonah termed ducks to be "Quack-quacks"
until one day, they suddenly became ducks to him, as to the rest of us.
And part of the reason I type this, is to remember.
To remember two little boys,
Each with their own name for the commonly called "duck".
To try and not forgot what they came up with
and called out loudly anytime they wanted, proud of their naming accomplishments.

And I sigh again ... hoping that Reuben's "Book-a-Books" don't turn into just plain
BOOKS anytime soon.


  1. So cute! I will now always think of Ruben when I see a "duck-a-duck".

  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean, Elisa. So sad to see them grow so fast!

  3. I just got my first close mouthed kiss from Zayin last night. So proud to see them learn, so sad to see the baby slip away.