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A Bushel of Brooks
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thanks Aunt Hannah!

We love it when Aunt Hannah comes to visit!
She lives in Lenexa, so none of us get to see her quite as often as we would like.
But we keep her picture on our fridge to keep her fresh in the boys' minds, and frequently talk about her.
Jonah has learned that Aunt Hannah also likes to spoil him a bit
by bringing him little toys when she comes.
He usually first asks if she has a sucker in her purse for him (and yes, she always does),
and sometimes she has some other treat tucked away that she got for us! Among many other things, Aunt Hannah has struck it 'big time' with some of these gifts:
-Jonah's teddy that must ALWAYS be with him at bedtime;
-Jonah's stuffed squid that he loved when he was a baby;
-Sheets of stickers to make pictures with;
-Superhero tattoos;
-Singing Dora and Elmo books for both boys;
-A glitter wand for Reuben;
-And, most recently, this little rubber bands that are in the shapes of animals. Meant to wear. Apparently, Jonah is now cooler than he realizes! Since Aunt Hannah teaches middle school, she keeps up on the trendy stuff out there. And kids all over are wearing, trading, you name it, with this rubber bands. Some schools out there have even banned them because they were "interfering with the learning environment!". So, he now has rubber band bracelets (affectionately known as "wrists") to wear around. And someone out there is making a ridiculous amount of money selling a package of 12 rubber bands for $3.50. Yeah. Seriously.
Anyway, Aunt Hannah is special to us. Not because she has brought cool toys
(although to a 3 year old, that does up her "awesome" factor),
but because she is my sister and the boys' aunt. And we love her!
And we love that we get to see her
more often in the summer and she plays at our house.


  1. So sad we were sick and couldn't see "Aunt Hannah". We will have to make sure to see her before the summer is over! So special to have a wonderful Auntie in your lives!

  2. Hugs and kisses to you all :) I love you!!

  3. Someone gave our children some of those bands too! I doesn't take much to make a child's day!