A Bushel of Brooks

A Bushel of Brooks
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dear Jesus ...

Tonight I was putting Jonah to bed,
and asked him to say his prayer before I did.
He asked me to help him through it.
So I guided him through thanking Jesus for our day,
our family, and asking for His presence to be with us.
Then I prayed over him.
And then he asked me if he could pray again.
Of course!
And this is how it went (as best as I can recreate) ...

Dear Jesus,
Thank You for my day,
I had fun today.
I love my mommy.
Keep Daddy safe.
Mommy and Reuben and Jonah together.
Make Oma's back all better.
Please don't let the sun go away and die.
And don't let the flowers die.
Or Tundra die.
Help Teddy to relax.
(looooooong sigh)
Um hm.
And .............
I love you, Jesus.

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  1. So sweet. I love bedtime. It's when Micaiah is most tender. Tonight as I tucked him in I said "How about a big hug?" He responded with "How about a gentle hug, I don't really need my guts squished out!"