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A Bushel of Brooks
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday, Monday ... So Good to Me!

Mondays have always held a ritual for me.
My Dad being a pastor, he always had Mondays off.
Finish the Sunday services and meetings ... day at home.
The day to shop.
My Dad has always done the grocery shopping in our family.
No one can exactly explain this phenomenon ...
it just is.
So I joined in!
As far back as I can remember,
I shopped on Mondays with Dad.
Sometimes another sibling came along,
but I ALWAYS went along.
It was our special time ... our 'thing', if you will!
I helped him go through the list, check it twice, bag the groceries,
and of course, usually get a treat at the check out lane!
Eventually I stopped going ... college ... marriage ... work ...
But I always told Dad I was waiting until I had my babies and could go along again.
And when Jonah was born,
I was ready!
We joined Opa on his weekly shopping.
I made a weekly list - in line with the weekly budget for food,
and off we went!
And for the last three and one half years,
Our tradition continues.
Many years in the making.
Reuben and Jonah know that every week we go shopping with Opa.
Opa indulges them and they get a treat.
But little do they know how much Mommy loves shopping with Opa!
Two adults means Mommy isn't outnumbered!
AND, she gets to catch up with her Dad,
just like old times ...

And on weather-permitting days,
the boys play in the trucks after the 2nd store ...

Reuben learning from Opa ...

Opa making sure Jonah hasn't done anything
too strange while "driving"!!!

I can't wait for many, many more Mondays with my Dad!

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